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Decompress .wav’s to CD Quality, Recordable wavs!


       This page is intended for the sole purpose of showing how to use existing software to decompress wavs to a cd quality, recordable, wav.  It is not intended to subvert any laws or copy writes.  The author of this page in no way should be held responsible for how this information is used.


Step 1: Start “Sound Recorder”

Figure #1
















Click on “Start”, “Programs”, “Accessories”, “Entertainment”, “Sound Recorder”.  This will bring up another window as in figure #2 below.



Step 2: Opening wav to decompress

                                                                                                               Figure #3

Figure #2      


Once you have Sound Recorder open you need to get the file you wish to decompress.  You click on “File”, “Open” (as in figure #2).

This will bring up a window that shows your files.  You will use the arrow next to the “Look in:” box to navigate your computer to find your wavs (as in figure #3).


Step 3: Changing the Properties (decompressing)

Figure #4                                                                                     

After choosing your file you need to click on “File”, “Properties”, in order to change the properties (or “decompress”) of the wav (as shown in figure #4).




                               Figure #5


      After clicking on “Properties”, you will see a box similar to that in figure #5.  You will then click on the down arrow next to the choices in the “Choose from:” box and select “Recording formats”.  After doing so, click on “Convert now”.  This will bring up another window (figure #6).


Figure #6

      You will then click on the down arrow next to the selections in the “Name:” box and select “CD Quality”.  Click on “OK”, and “OK”, again.  This will return you to the first window showing “Sound Recorder”. 

          At this point your file has been decompressed but is not saved.  You should consider putting all decompressed wavs in their own folder.  If you try to save the file in the same folder, with the same name, as the original then you will lose the original.  To save a file, in a different folder or with a different name, refer to step 3.

                                                                                                                                                            Figure #7

Step 3: Saving your file


          Now that you have successfully decompressed your file you need to save it.  I strongly suggest, again, that you save it under a different name or in a different folder.  If you do not you will “over write” the original. 

          To save the file, click on “File”, “Save As…” (Figure # 7).  This window will be very similar to figure #3.  It will allow you to change the name of the file or where it is placed.  Be sure to click “OK” when finished.




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